Lucy works with a team of expert British craftsmen to deliver your dream piece of jewellery

Lucy is passionate about delivering beautiful pieces of jewellery that have had the highest level of craftsmanship involved from start to finish. Her aim is to give every client a comprehensive but more importantly a personal service. Lucy understands the importance of jewellery and the special moments it marks within your life.

As well as offering a bespoke design service Lucy is happy to help you redesign inhertited jewellery; repair and breath new life into old pieces; provide an insurance valuation; source a specific period piece or even help you sell your jewellery.


Lucy' favourite part about working in the jewellery industry is helping a client realise their dream piece of jewellery through a dedicated bespoke design service. Most of the jewellery Lucy came across was mass produced and machine made. In Lucy's opinion the elegance, finesse and overall quality of most jewellery had been lost. Lucy felt it was important in a world that is moving so fast to bring back classically produced pieces of jewellery. She also believes a jewellery purchase should not be a rushed decision. Every piece should have a journey and a story to compliment the occasion and special meaning it ultimately represents.

She is passionate about using local, highly skilled and traditionally trained craftsmen to produce a fabulous piece of jewellery every time. All pieces designed by Lucy are hand made in the UK by an exceptional team of goldsmiths and finished by specially selected lapidaries, setter, engravers and polishers, some of whom also work for the big names in the jewellery business. Lucy monitors each of her bespoke jewellery designs through every stage of the process to ensure the craftsmanship is of a world class standard. Lucy prides herself in delivering an exceptional piece of unique jewellery made to the highest quality.

Lucy is happy to begin the design process with a completely blank canvas and take her client on a journey of discovery starting with a variety of loose gemstones and building on an idea or colour. She will also work with a client to bring an existing idea to life and make sure it works as a wearable piece of jewellery.

As well as designing a piece of jewellery from scratch, Lucy is also happy to remodel pieces from a clients existing jewellery collection or inhertience. It is a fabulous and exciting task to help liberate some truly stunning stones which are residing in an outdated and unwearable piece of jewellery and turn them into something vital and spectacular.

Current items

Lucy does not keep a huge amount of stock as she prefers to work with a client's specific needs. Lucy can help you source a particular piece of jewellery from a certain design period or recreate a piece in the same style. However, sometimes she comes across a piece of jewellery which is too good to pass and it is added to the current stock awaiting a new owner.


Lucy wanted to make fabulous handmade jewellery more available to her contemporaries

After studying History of Art at the prestigious university of St Andrews in Scotland Lucy went on to work in Private banking at Coutts Bank in Geneva, Switzerland. Her daily commute took her along the famous Rue du Rhone with all its fabulous jewellery houses and their windows glistening with the finest Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies. It was hard not to become enchanted by these precious stones but sadly most people are intimidated by the severe security on the door and the even more severe prices inside. Lucy decided she wanted to make fabulous handmade jewellery more available to her contemporaries and others who walked past these same windows only daring to look.

As the world turned upside down with the banking crisis Lucy returned to London to work at Tiffany & Co. on Bond Street but felt her creativity was restrained and took the brave move to branch out on her own. She started her journey by completing a GIA Graduate Gemologist programme and gaining a much more in-depth under standing about diamonds and the many fascinating varieties of coloured gemstones. After completing the GIA Lucy was lucky enough to have the opportunity to shadow an eminent London Coloured stone and Diamond dealer who still advises her today.



"Her persistent attention to detail at every stage (of the process) culminated in a stunning ring"

Al Cheyne, London, UK

Lucy provided invaluable help in my search for the perfect ring. There is no substitute for having someone actually in the trade working with you rather than trying to sell to you when trying to make a decision on buying a ring. Lucy's knowledge and hard work on identifying and researching the types of stone I wanted meant that I got the very best for my budget and found the whole experience interesting and enjoyable. I Couldn't recommend her highly enough and a big thank you.

Mathew Meyer-Higgins, London, UK

Lucy made the whole process of finding an engagement ring very simple and easy, especially since I had been looking without success for a while. She understood what I was looking for and was a huge help with the details I wasn't so sure about. She managed to find me a brilliant stone at auction which she then organised to have set in a beautiful ring. It is absolutely perfect and my fiancée and I are thrilled with the result. I got exactly what I wanted, within my price range and without any fuss or hassle (Lucy was very flexible around my working hours and location and made meeting up in secret very easy). Altogether a fantastic service and a brilliant ring. Would recommend to everyone!

James Pelly, London, UK

As a typical male(!) when it came to 'all things jewellery', I quickly became extremely grateful for Lucy's patient approach to educating me, for her sound advice and for her genuine enthusiasm in helping me choose the right ring. She was full of enthusiasm in coming up with new ideas and yet would somehow know if something was going to work or not. When it came to actually making the ring, Lucy was faced with a tight timescale given a relatively complicated design. This meant vigorously ensuring the numerous processes of sourcing, cutting and setting the stones, as well as making the ring, hall-marking and engraving were all completed in good time so that the next step could start without delay. Her persistent attention to detail at every stage (of the process) culminated in a stunning ring, a delighted recipient and one hugely grateful (and relieved) male.

Simon Lyell, London UK

Lucy helped me create an engagement ring from scratch. I had a vague notion in my head of what I wanted but had no idea where to start. She expertly and patiently steered me past the pitfalls for the unwary, introducing me to the world of precious stones in a manner that gave me confidence in the decisions that I had to make (far better than running the gauntlet of Hatton Garden). She tactfully made suggestions on what combinations worked well together, whilst not forcing her opinion on me. I (and luckily my wife) am thrilled with the final result, a very personal ring which has so much more to it than one off the shelf.

Noel Garvey, Dublin, Ireland

Lucy has a wonderful talent for what she does. We have gone to her several times over the years and she has always found something unique and special for me - the design, quality and craftsmanship are second to none. I trust her implicitly and have recommended her to friends and family. I can honestly say I would not consider using any other jeweller in future.

Eleanor Gough, London, UK

Lucy was great and very patient at working with me to create the perfect one of a kind ring which I love and get so many compliments for. She was able to understand what I wanted even when I only seemed to know what I did not want. The vast number of beautiful stones which I was able to choose from meant that I was able to find a sapphire which was the perfect colour and size. I would highly recommend her and next time I need some jewellery I will be in touch....'


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